Peanut butter Banana Bites

I love this protein-packed recipe. Just like a peanut butter and banana sandwich but without the bread! Super simple but a definite quick-fix for a morning when you need a boost. 

Ingredients (per serving) 

– 1 banana 

– 2 tbsp peanut butter (any kind) 

-1/8 cup slivered almonds, pecans (whatever you prefer) 


1. peel banana and cut lengthwise. 

2. scoop the peanut butter and spread onto one half of the banana. 

3. sprinkle nuts onto the peanut butter so that they stick. 

4. place the plain banana half on top of the peanut butter and nuts half to create a banana sandwich with the 2 pieces. 

5. cut the banana sandwich into bite-size pieces. I usually use a toothpick to eat it. Enjoy! 


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